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Build cohesive, safe, and resilient workplace
Develop workforce capacity to understand and respond to suicide concerns.
Treat suicide ideation with evidence-based therapy.
Improve how my organisation reviews and responds to suicide related incidents.

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Programs Based on Your Goals

Advanced Programs for Suicide Prevention and Response

Explore these curated programs below, designed to enhance how your organisation handles suicide-related incidents and offer evidence-based therapy for treating suicide ideation.

CAMS + Restore

CAMS and Restore offer an effective blend of clinical treatment for suicidality and an organisational shift towards a healing and just culture.

Cams care
CAMS Treatment

Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality

The CAMS program, Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality, offered by SafeSide Prevention, developed from Dr. David Jobes's research, equips clinicians with evidence-based strategies to combat suicidal ideation. This training emphasises a collaborative approach between clinician and patient, aiming to uncover and treat the underlying causes of suicidality.

In just 14 hours, clinicians can enhance their ability to foster hope, reduce distress, and improve patient outcomes, making a profound difference in the lives of those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

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Restorative Just and Learning Culture Clinicians

Improve Your Response to Suicide Incidents with Restore

Restore equips leaders to transition from conventional safety approaches to a Restorative, Just, and Learning Culture (RJLC).

This innovative program offers comprehensive resources and community support to foster healing, address the human impacts of incidents, and promote a culture of safety and learning, ensuring a proactive, inclusive response to critical incidents.

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Workforce Implementation

A proper implementation plan is critical to the success of these programs within your organisation. SafeSide is here to help you with customized implementation plans to fit your unique workplace setting.

In the initial phase, we pinpoint your goals, explore solutions, foster partnerships, and create a tailored implementation and communication plan.
Confirm goals, build readiness with strategic communications, develop infrastructure, and finalize implementation, communication, and evaluation plans.
Launch workforce, continue with implementation and communication plans, integrate data feedback loops, and develop a sustainability plan for long-term success.
Launch sustainability plan, ensure ongoing evaluation, support and engagement, and seek ways to scale and enhance continuously.
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Acknowledgement of Lived Experience
We acknowledge the lived experience of those with suicide and mental illness, their families and carers. Their preferences, wishes, needs, and aspirations are at the heart of all the work we do.

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